Project Background:

Flight was a SaaS startup whose mission was to help companies increase conversions on their websites through it's online tool. In 2021 I got to design their initial launch branding. The client wanted a brand that felt modern enough for the digital age with hints of it calling back to the golden age of jet travel. 
My Goals for The Brand:

To help bring this vision to light, I started researching the branding from a variety of different airline related companies across the decades to build a picture in my head for how this brand should look. The direction I ultimately landed on was to have the brand feel like a high-tech flight school, with a tone that represented both as an authority and a resource for companies who need help increasing conversions.
Brand Identity
The Flight logo that the client ended up going with is a modified version of Politica ExtraBold Italic, where the cross strokes on the T and the F have been adjusted to give the appearance of airplane wings as well as a sense of forward motion within the wordmark. I ended up going with Politica to be used for the title and subtitles for a few reasons. The main one being that Politica has over 35 weights making it an extremely versatile font that can achieve some interesting looks when mixing weights to add emphasis to select words. I think this ended up being the perfect choice due to the fonts look giving the brand a sort of "technical manual" feel to it while still maintaining a welcoming look.
During my research I found that a lot of the current and past airliners such as Delta, British Airways, Southwest, United, American Airlines, and many more used red and blue as their main colors. Wanting to make sure Flight's brand to fit the part (and the client request), I elected to follow the industry and included those in the main color palette. I added in a yellow as the third main color to help tie it in with golden era of airplanes a bit better and because primary colors are a classic combination that has stood the test of time.
Brand Look
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