A collection of smaller projects that I've enjoyed working on.
Fatty Acids to the Rescue
Back in the summer of 2021, the sister agency for my job at the time needed help producing social graphics for one of their clients, Fatty15, and reached out to me to take a stab at a few options since they were trying to pitch some new business to them. At the time, frame by frame animation was very popular, especially with luxury brands, so these videos were composed in aftereffects and then dropped from 30fps to 4fps to give that jittery feeling to the animations.
Information Worth the Read
Some infographics I made for Haworth in 2022. These were designed as instagram carousels for this organic channels.
Empowering The Future of the Youth
In the spring of 2021 I was tasked with helping out out of our non-profit clients, Life Leaders Inc, with creating an updated sponsorship packet to match their new branding. This project required the use of InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator to successfully match the style listed in their branding guidelines. 
Kinetic Typography Animation
In early 2021, a client of ours at the time named SpotMe and a rush request to create a kinetic text styled video. I immediately got to work on some concepts and this was the winning video below.
A Truly Great Chirstmas
A promotional banner I made for the Boston Beer Company in December of 2022 for one of their holiday promotions. I wanted to keep it simple with the cans of Truly being the start of the show, but added a little bit of extra flare by taking  colors and stars from the Chicago flag and turned that into a  an abstract Christmas tree for the background.
Meridian Mania Illustrations
Meridian Mania is an employee application week thrown every summer, in 2018 I was assigned with designing materials for that year's theme, 'Meridian Cruise'. To keep everything consistent across materials, I created custom graphics in a line art style, which highlighted  locations in downtown Detroit where events would take place as well as designs for the events themselves.
Newsletter Covers
In the fall of 2022 I produced a few newsletter covers for Crain's Currency to be sent out over email. The goal for each issue was to create an abstract cover that represented the article in that weeks issue. Some are pretty straight forward and some require an imagination. Can you guess all of them?
Rock & Roll Themed Summer Internship Illustration
A fun project for our 2018 summer internship program. To fit the theme of rock and roll I illustrated buildings surrounding Meridian's headquarters intro the appearance of the rock and roll gesture.
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