Introducing New Values In a Memorable Way
In 2018 following our acquisition by WellCare, our team was tasked with proposing ideas for a visual campaign with the goal of introducing our new company values to the rest of the organization. 
To accomplish this, teammates and I brainstormed ideas to make sure it was both eye-catching, easy to understand, and memorable.
Step #1: Creating Eye-Catching Imagery
Our first task was coming up with ideas to represent each of the four values: Partnership, Integrity, Accountability, and One Team. Using our internal color palette, I explored four different art styles and concepts to propose, which included: Valiant Super Heroes, Playful Learning Characters, and Icons in both a modern gradient style and flat, line-based art. Ultimately the line-art style was chosen for its strengths of being identifiable at smaller sizes, as well as it's flexibility to be used for different company projects. 
Step #2: Focusing on What's Important 
A problem we faced in the beginning of this project was the length of the descriptors of each value. With some of the descriptions reaching over 20+ words, I wanted come up with a solution to make each statement more digestible. To solve this problem, I focused on the core message of each value, borrowing their verbiage, and created typographic designs to effectively communicate the core statement of each message.
Step #3: Making it Memorable
Finally, with a design identity set, it was time to move to the final stage of the project. To introduce our new values to the rest of the company, we planned a large rollout of materials and branding that would be set up over the weekend and be ready for all eyes when they walked in Monday morning. These materials included pop-up banners, floor stickers, wall/tv graphics, email banners, and desk drop items. 
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